Comprehensive Eye Exam

Eye examinations are an important part of health maintenance for people of all ages.

When you come in for an eye exam, not only do we perform the basic glasses and contact lense exams, we also evaluate the overall health of your eyes. We check for eye diseases such as cataracts, diabetic eye problems, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other eye diseases. Many times, detecting eye diseases in early stages can help stop the disease from getting worse or even help eliminate the disease. A comprehensive eye exam can also detect systemic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.


Pediatric Exam

Eye exams for children are extremely important, because vision is linked to the learning development of a child. Children who have trouble seeing or interpreting what they see will often have trouble with their schoolwork. The longer a vision problem a child has goes untreated the more a child’s brain will learn to accommodate the vision problem. If your child has or displays any problems like excessive blinking, delayed motor development, frequent eye rubbing, or any eye related problems be sure to schedule an eye exam today.

Contact Lens Exam

If you wear or want contacts, you will need a contact lens exam in addition to a comprehensive eye exam. The prescription for contact lenses is not the same as the prescription for eyeglasses. They are different because contact lenses rest directly on the surface of your eyes compared to eyeglasses that are positioned away from your eyes.

Contact lenses are not one size fits all. Thanks to advances in optical technology, almost everyone is a candidate for contact lens use. We will discuss contact lens options that suit your eyes and lifestyle and determine a best fit prescription for contact lenses. The knowledgeable staff at Martin Road Eye Care will provide you with training that includes any insertion, removal, and care of your new contact lenses. We will send you home with your very own starter kit for your contact lenses, which include a travel size solution bottle and a lens case.

This contact lens exam may be completed on the same day as your comprehensive exam or any time within 3 months from a comprehensive eye exam for our office. Any follow up visits regarding your contact lens prescription within 3 months of your fitting are included at no extra charge.

Emergency Visit

If you are suffering from a possible eye infection (pink eye or red eye) or contact lens related red eye, the doctors at Martin Road Eye Care can help you! We can also help with foreign body (metal, debris, etc.) corneal abrasion, ocular injury, or significant ocular allergy.

Whether you need eye care services for yourself or your whole family, the experienced eye doctors at Martin Road Eye Care in Amarillo, Texas can help! We provide a variety of services including comprehensive eye exams for children and adults and contact lens exams. We even offer a VIP program to better serve our clients. If you would like more information about what we can do for you, call us today at 806-242-EYES(3937) or Contact Us by email. You can also visit us in person at 826 Martin Road in Amarillo.